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Yaron's story...

The abduction of 4 years old Lilach from her home abroad because of a family court judge neglecting decision


On July 27, 2001, in accordance with my visitation rights, I came to my ex-wifes house to take my daughter, Lilach. She wasnt there. To my enormous surprise the police, approached after I didnt get my daughter, told me the Border Police computer records show that my daughter, her mother and her grandmother left Israel on July 26, 2001 (the day before).

After looking at the courthouse files I was shocked to see that on July 4, 2001 Judge German issued a decision giving my ex-wife permission to take our daughter Lilach out of Israel. This was done even though there was a no exit order, which had been issued by the same judge, according to my requests, as part of the divorce agreement. He did it exparte (without asking the other parent), for the first time in Israeli law history. Judge German didnt obtain any guarantee from my ex-wife to ensure the return of my daughter, or even to send me the fathera copy of the critical decision he made about my own daughter.

Law specialists who were consulted were amazed by the facts of this case. This is an outrageous, unprecedented decision. It was made in an unreasonable and neglectful manner.

On July 30, 2001 an urgent petition asked for the cancellation of the decision. This issued to Judge Shohat, who was on duty at the courthouse on that day. Judge Shohat ruled that there is nothing he can do to help, because Lilach has already been taken from Israel. He transferred the petition back to Judge German, who upheld his original decision in this case.

On August 9, 2001 there was a hearing in front of Judge German, who refused to withdraw his previous decision. He offered no explanations as to how and why he had made such a unilateral decision, nor how he allowed her to be taken without asking for my response, nor did he comment as why I was never sent the decision after it was made.

All my begging and pleading did not help, neither did my claims that it is against the welfare of my daughter, not to mention that it contradicts all moral and legal reasoning.

On August 30, 2001, the last day for Lilachs return according to the judges order, my ex-wife didnt bring our daughter back. It was clear that Lilach was abducted.

After I realized that no one will help me to bring my daughter back home (the police, at that stage, did absolutely nothing), I started financing activities in order to locate and bring back my daughter.

On September 9, 2001 the court ruled that Lilach is a Hague case abducted child.

On September 11, 2001, I left my work and flew abroad in order to find my daughter. A month and a half later, after I failed in finding her and ran out of money, I returned to Israel.

I have spend over $55,000 and am on the verge of bankruptcy. The state of Israel doesnt finance the legal fees, nor the search. The necessary activities abroad have ceased, the direct consequence of which will be giving up on finding and bringing Lilach home.

Only on October 25, 2001 (3 months after my daughters disappearance), after knocking on any window there is and after making a lot of noise, a special police inspection team was appointed. That special team is working in Israel, but cant operate abroad. Although the Interpol and the American federal police are involved in the case, there is no substitute for the intense, dedicated activities of private professional factors, such as private investigators, lawyers and others. These private factions are the only ones who perform efficient activities to promote the safe finding and returning of Lilach home.

Until the State of Israel officially acknowledges its duty and obligation to finance such necessary activities (unofficially, almost all relevant official factors understand and support the necessity of financing such activities by the State), critical time will pass. Therefore, a decision to establish the Returning Lilach to Israel movement, which will operate in all the necessary fields and will make and manage all the necessary activities in order to bring Lilach safe back home.

First of all, we are talking about raising public support and active awareness, including fund raising. It is necessary to recruiting the cooperation and active support of Jewish people all over the world. Using the mass media, Internet, chain letters etc. and by putting pressure on decision makers, who will utilize all the means available from the State of Israel, informal means that it has and not only the formal means that do not give us any results till now as time goes on and the damage it accumulates.
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The association for returning Lilach to Israel is operating under the auspice of Horut-Shava (equal-parenting) Israel.

Our phone number is +972-56-88-67-67. (In Israel dial 056-88-67-67).